The End of the Epson 1430

The End of the Epson 1430

Using an Epson 1400 or 1430 for Film output?

Over the last 7 years, Artisan Epson 1400 and 1430 presses have become the the Go-to film output solution for most all print shops. They have the ability to do up to 13x19" films and with the help of  there is all black opaque ink solutions. However, that is starting to be a concern for many printers. The Epson 1400 and 1430 printers have stopped being produced by epson and therefore the all black ink cartridges AND refills are going to be running out within the next 8-12 months (info direct from the manufacturer).

As many of you know, my day job is working with a screen printing supply vendor. I have been lucky enough to work closely with print shops around the midwest and have first hand seen what most shops are using for their film solutions. Knowing that most of my customers on the supply side as well as the consulting side are using the epson 1430 and all black cartridges , I have heard a lot of concerns with what they can do post Epson 1430. Here are some things I’d recommend.

1- Make the most of your current 1430 and Stock up on All Black Cartridges

I spoke with a rep from and that’s when they told me that they have limited supplies for the 1400 and 1430 and would be running out within 8-12 months. The cartridges have a shelf life of 2.5 years. So i would recommend stocking up for enough to get you through as long as you can to make your next move to another printing solution or a  direct to screen option.

2- Check out the newest all black ink solution for the Epson P400

The great people over at the aforementioned  have made sure to make a solution to replace the loss of the epson 1430 on the market. The Epson P400 goes for about $700 new from epson or available on Amazon and the Matte Black Ink cartridge and kit foes for about $150.

3- Up your quality and output by getting into a Direct to Screen Option.

There are multiple units available on the Market. The new Kiwo wax unit is getting a lot of acclaim, however I have not yet had the opportunity to test it myself, so I can not give any feedback on the unit quite yet. A unit that I have used in depth and with award winning prints coming off of it is the M&R I-image. There are high production units that have a higher price tag, however the most economical unit is the I-image S. It lists at roughly $35k and has the ability to produce stunning detail directly onto your emulsion. Check out the unit at M&R

Now that you are ahead of the pack in knowing that the all black cartridges for your epson are coming to an end, you can make the choice on how to proceed before the other print shops that arent in the know find out. Either order enough all black cartridges to keep your epson going until you can afford to get into a Computer to screen sollution , or get your hands on the Epson P400 and matte black inks.

If you want a quote on 1430 all Black Ink Cartridge Refills , you can get them directly through me with T&J printing Supply. They are $99.00 while supplies last. Fill out how many you’d like quoted and we can send you a quote to order yours before they are gone!

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